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Running really changes EVERYTHING!! At the beginning of the 10 week No Boundaries group, I couldn't even comprehend how I was going to run 1 minute. But, I did it and continued to do it each week. Just one more minute, you CAN do anything for one minute. This experience has been amazing and the people I have met are so supportive. You will never start alone nor finish alone. The support is there and it is life changing! I never thought I could be a runner. When we first started running for 1 minute, I thought I would die. Now, I've run a whole 5K, and all I can think is - what's next? I feel like I can do anything now! --- Amy


I am in No Boundaries 1 and I have to say that this is the best experience I have had with running. Besides the normal aches from learning something new, I have had virtually no injuries because of how the training plan works. Plan the work, work the plan! ---Robbi

I did it! I even caught a glimpse of runner's high, a couple seconds where I forgot about misery and noticed the joy of running. --- Staci

The No Boundaries training program helped me deal with a very difficult emotional time. The exercise was great for mind, body and soul. The positive attitude of the staff and fellow trainees kept me smiling during the worst of times. --- A New Spokane Runner

It is hard to believe it has almost been a year since I have been running with the No Boundaries group.  I came to one of the first sessions before the store opened in Spokane.   I did not really know anyone attending or what fitness level the runners would be.  Before the meeting self doubt started creeping in - would I be the slowest, the oldest or heaviest in the meeting?  Would they look down on the fact I was a interval run /walker even before an injury?  Did I really want to try a group setting again when I could not complete a half of a mile of running without stopping?  At the informational meeting I was so nervous and wondering what was I doing there?  They all seemed to know each other.   But everyone was so genuine and really wanted to motivate you to do your best and be active.  There would be mentors in each of the groups to provide support and guidance.  The biggest difference about this group was it was about activity not speed.  Suddenly I realized I had done this before but not successfully and only I was judging myself.  The program looked great and was a walk/run program.  After the first couple of runs I was hooked.The Couch to 5K program is amazing and I feel more confident.  Sometimes I am the slowest and some nights I am not able to run my intervals consistently.  It is ok as it happens to all of us.  The coach, mentors & the staff at the store encourage you to try again and not to give up.  I had some ups and downs the last year but I have become a better runner and have met some incredible people and built some great friendships.  I have learned not to quit and as Julie would say "Run my Race".  I have even had a few runs where I ran a consistent mile which I never thought would happen.  --- Debbie

I'm really proud of how I've done, especially since I've been pushing a stroller about 80% of the time...and my friends and family are, too!  I'm trying to get more friends to join and get the moms I know hooked up with a jogging stroller because I've had such a great experience! --- Sara

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