FITNATIC Contest Rules

CONTEST ALERT! FITNATICS are a different breed. This October, we want to hear from and see all of you Fitnatics– and the people who love you - on Facebook!

DETAILS: Each Tuesday (Wednesday this on time) and Friday in October, beginning TODAY, we’ll post a topic. Tuesday’s topics will be about Fitnatics; Friday’s topics will be about the people who love ‘em.

YOUR MISSION: Respond to that topic with an explanation (and a picture if possible!) that shows your Fitnatic behavior!

WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU: Besides the glory of our Fitnatic fandom? We’ll randomly select 3 responses for each post. Those 3 people will win a $20 Gift Card good during our upcoming Fitnatic Weekend (Nov. 28th and 29th) and entered to win our Grand Prize, a pair of Adidas Boost Glide shoes. (Enter as many times as you like, but you can only win once). All winners will be announced at the end of the month and prices can be picked up at either Fleet Feet Spokane location. 

MAKE SURE: Tag the Fitnatics in your life, and use the hashtags#ILoveAFitnatic (if you’re talking about someone in your life) or #ImAFitnatic(if you’re talking about yourself).

EXAMPLE: If Tuesday’s Topic is “Pre-Race Ritual,” a response might look like this: I have to lace and relace my shoes three times exactly before any race. #ImAFitnatic
If Friday’s Topic is “Most Committed Spectator,” a response might like look this: I woke up at 3 a.m. to camp out at the finish line of the Chicago Marathon to see my girlfriend finish her first race. #ILoveAFitnatic

GOOD LUCK: You’ll have 7 chances to respond throughout the month, so make sure you check our Facebook status TODAY and every Tuesday and Friday throughout October!

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